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At Dutchess Restaurant Equipment Co., we offer a comprehensive range of services to help restaurants and foodservice operations build efficient and functional kitchens. With our expert team and tailored solutions, we strive to elevate culinary endeavors, optimizing workflow and maximizing success in the food industry.

Design Consultation

Before we begin, we listen to you to understand your needs. Then each element of the project, including space requirements, traffic flow, budget and overall concept is carefully evaluated. The result is a quality job that progresses in a smooth and timely manner.

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Local Delivery

Our dedicated delivery team will ensure the timely arrival of your products. We’ve perfected the logistic side so you can focus on what you do best – serving up culinary excellence. 

Fully Stocked Showroom

Visit our showroom for firsthand experience of our wide range of top-quality kitchen equipment and solutions. Explore innovative products, receive expert guidance from our knowledgeable staff, and make informed decisions to transform your restaurant or foodservice operation.

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Product Selection

We have years of experience working with a variety of industry suppliers and related sources. This means we can help you find the right equipment and supplies to fit your needs and budget.

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Smallwares & Tabletop

We represent all major lines of restaurant supplies, and we stop a complete line of kitchen utensils, china, flatware, glassware and serving aids and janitorial supplies. We can conveniently ship your opening supply order along with your equipment and furnishings.

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Need Financing?

We offer flexible leasing arrangements through Navitas Credit Corp. Financing restaurant equipment offers the advantage of conserving your capital and preserving cash flow, allowing you to invest in other crucial aspects of your business. 

Financing restaurant equipment allows you to preserve your capital and retain liquidity for other crucial business expenses, such as marketing, staffing, and inventory.

By opting for financing, you can spread the equipment costs over time with regular monthly payments, ensuring a predictable cash flow and avoiding large upfront expenditures.

Financing enables you to access premium, state-of-the-art restaurant equipment that might have been financially challenging to acquire outright.

In many cases, leased or financed equipment can be tax-deductible, providing potential tax benefits that can further reduce your overall operational costs.

Financing options often come with quick approval processes and straightforward paperwork, allowing you to acquire the necessary equipment promptly and with minimal hassle, ensuring a seamless kitchen operation.

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